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Our mission is creating and sustaining an equitable community space to build organizational capacity though leadership and management services to the Delmar DivINe tenants and larger St. Louis community.

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INsights: From Ally to Co-conspirator

INsights: From Ally to Co-conspirator

Advancing People of Color in Nonprofit Leadership This third installment of INsights will follow up on the topic of the previous session, picking up our discussion on challenges and solutions to advancing and supporting people of color into top professional roles in the nonprofit sector. The session aspires to deepen understanding of the common challenges […]

Inside the Nonprofit 2023

The Center for Human Service Leadership is thrilled to announce our next professional development series, Inside the Nonprofit. This is the second time the Center for Human Service Leadership is offering this professional development opportunity. This course is designed for anyone who has never taken a course or had training in organizational behavior, leadership, and management. We will examine how […]
INsights: Advancing People of Color to Leadership

INsights: Advancing People of Color to Leadership

An excerpt from a briefing paper prepared by Barry Rosenberg, Director of the Center for Human Service Leadership To counter racial/ethnic discrimination and well-documented barriers to advancement, many have called to advance People of Color to top leadership positions (both board and executive) in nonprofit organizations; especially in those that serve majority-minority populations. Some have […]

Inside the CEO

A Course for Aspiring and New Chief Executive Officers The Chief Professional, whether called CEO, Executive Director or otherwise, is the most important and most challenging factor in the success of human service organizations. New CEO’s are often surprised and challenged by how different the job of a CEO is from their prior management roles. […]

INsights: Building the Nonprofit Ecosystem

On the evening of October 25, the Delmar Divine welcomed 125+ nonproft and for-profit professionals, students, tenants, and community stakeholders to our first public community event. Attendees were able to tour the building, engage with one another in networking and discussion, and hear from a panel of community leaders about building and strengthening the nonprofit […]

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